Scopis Holographic Navigation

Mixed reality display for surgical navigation based on Microsoft HoloLens

Scopis Holographic Navigation

Mixed reality display for surgical navigation based on Microsoft HoloLens

Scopis Holographic Navigation

First Mixed-Reality Surgical Holographic Navigation Platform Integrating
Microsoft HoloLens

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Taking surgery to the next level

The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform brings augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality to your operating room. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, you can see planning details projected onto your visual field.

The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform can show you complicated tumor boundaries, assist with implant placements and guide you along anatomical pathways.

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Experience a More Intuitive Way to Operate

Scopis Holographic Navigation Features:

Direct visualisation in your field of view

Planned objects are displayed at their real position

Sterile gesture control

Full control using your fingertips

Total concentration on the patient

Your visual attention stays focused on the operative field

Wireless real-time transmission

Connects to Scopis surgical navigation systems wirelessly with real-time updates

Wide range of planning tools

Plan the surgery with trajectories, screws, bone segmentation and many additional objects

Targeted instrument positioning

Use target guidance to place instruments in the exact planned position

Ergonomically designed for the user

All workflows are optimized with the surgeon in mind


The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform features many applications


Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform tracks the movement of the patient and the integrated Microsoft HoloLens precisely with a stereoscopic infrared camera.

This data gets processed in the Scopis Hybrid Navigation Unit, a powerful medical computer.

The 3D-tracking enhances the overlay's precision. The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform then shows planning structures at their real position inside the patient.

The patient can be moved without any loss of precision. The overlay follows the patient's position in real time.

The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform is one of a number of medical innovations developed by Scopis.

Scopis Hybrid Navigation Systems unify optical and electromagnetic measurement technologies in one system.

Both technologies offer continuous endoscope navigation with the special Augmented Reality function called TGS (Target Guided Surgery).

TGS makes planning data directly visible on the endoscopic image and guides the surgeon to the target.

Further, Scopis provides augmented reality for surgical microscopes.


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